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Geology of Mars
Here you will learn about six geological processes that are either currently operating on Mars or have operated during Martian history. These include the aeolian, cratering, hydro, landslides, tectonic, and volcanic processes. This learning module contains seven sub-modules. One of these is an introduction that discusses the general global properties of the planet. The remaining sub-modules represent each of the six geological processes listed above. Within each sub-module, a summary description of the process on the Martian surface is provided. In addition, an Internet-enabled discussion of the topic is also included. Some suggested discussion questions have been prepared for each sub-module. Student discussions, however, are not restricted to these questions only. You are encouraged to pose your own questions and work together to develop solutions from the World Wide Web. Many useful links are provided. Because exploration of Mars is an ongoing NASA project, new materials appear on a regular basis. Becasue of this, it is difficult, if not impossible, to completely cover each topic. You are, therefore, strongly encouraged to visit the relevant websites to obtain the latest information.

Acknowledgment: Most of the images used in this learning module are provided by NASA/JPL/MSSS.

geology of mars


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